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In the last few years we have found a number of excellent cycle paths or quiet back roads within the capabilities of the children. We initially used  a trailer bicycle for the youngest which was attached to the parent cycle until progressing to a larger model.  The children have now progressed to full sized models.

These trails are located in Yorkshire, Lancashire, the Peak District and Nottinghamshire.

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Scarborough to Whitby overlooking Robin Hood's Bay Wetton Mill on the Manifold Trail

The trailer bicycle is a useful innovation where the capabilities of the children differ. Due to the length of the trailer arm it is better to get one which folds in half and fits in a standard car boot. They don't easily attach to a cycle rack! Also the parent cycle should be of a mountain bike variety with adequate adhesion and braking of paramount importance.

Don't forget to take all the basic equipment including helmets, tool kit [inner tube/puncture repair kit/alan keys/spanner], pump, first aid kit, waterproofs, drinks/food, cycle lock etc. A mobile phone would be useful in case of emergency.

Here are a few suggestions from the routes we have successfully completed and revisited!


*using part off road and part quiet back roads

**using quiet back roads

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