Lune Valley to Glasson Dock

13. Crook O' Lune to Glasson Dock via Lancaster - 20 miles return. This is a pleasant cycle ride along two railway track beds starting at one of two main carparks either Bull Bridge or Crook O' Lune (preferable).

Lune Valley Aug 03 (6).jpg (30055 bytes)

  • View of Lune at Crook O Lune

The route is a well surfaced tarmac railway path to Lancaster the journey to Glasson being an ash surfaced path. The route is nearly level throughout. Between Crook O' Lune and Lancaster there are various sculptures adding interest to the route.

Lune Valley Aug 03 (1).jpg (45444 bytes)

  • Former railway bridge over Crook O Lune

Starting at Crook O' Lune carpark the path leaves the rear of the lower carpark and loops round to join the former trackbed below. There is an excellent view of the river Lune at this point. The path soon crosses the Lune on a large metal bridge and follows the left bank to Halton. There is a narrow metal bridge which can be seen which once connected the station with the village on the opposite side of the river.

Continuing onwards the path passes under the M6 and the Lancaster Canal Aqueduct   soon reaching the outskirts of Lancaster and the site of the former Green Ayre Station. Here there is a subway below a busy main road following the left hand side of the road for a short while before dipping down to return to the left hand bank of the river. The Millennium footbridge will soon be reached. Bear right and go part way onto the bridge and then turn sharp left on a link bridge returning to the left bank.

At this point is possible to make a diversion into Morecambe - about 3 miles - crossing the Millennium footbridge and returning the same way


Lune Bridge Aug 03 (2).jpg (27954 bytes)

  • Millennium Bridge over Lune at Lancaster

Follow George's Quay for a while before being forced to join a road passing some warehouses and industrial sites. This road is not particularly busy. After 1/2 mile the start of the trail to Glasson Dock is reached. This is tarmac at first quickly becoming earth or ash. The path follows the estuary through Conder Green picnic site and onwards to a metal bridge across an inlet. After the bridge it is better to join the road as the gravel path is uncomfortable.

Lune Estuary Aug 03 (5).jpg (27666 bytes)

  • Lune Estuary

The canal basin at Glasson Dock soon comes into view. This is the end of the Lancaster Canal where there is a lock giving access to larger sea going boats. There are a couple of shops a cafe and three pubs at Glasson Dock

 Glasson Dock Aug 03 (4).jpg (26901 bytes)

  • Glasson Dock


A leaflet on the trail can be obtained from Lancashire County Council 01772 534609 or Lancaster tourist office 01524 32878


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